>Hello, where do I begin…

>OK, sorry I have not been posting here lately.   I have been concentrating on my page on Facebook called of course, Tricia’s Baskets.  On that page, I will be listing sales that are going on my website for Longaberger.   In case you did not catch it, it is www.longaberger.com/patricialogan .   I will continue this blog, and hopefully I will get to blog on that regular basis.  

Next month is an exciting month for Longaberger consultants.  It is Bee time, or for those who not familiar with the lingo, convention time.   during the week of July (this time from July 21-24) consultants all across the country will converge in Columbus, Ohio, and learn about new products, and new things that are happening with the company.   I will report on this blog, as well as on my page what I learn about the products only.  Sorry, I cannot give away trade secrets.   If you want to find out for yourself, you can always signup to be part of my team.   I have 5 currently, but I can always use more.  

The great thing about being a Longaberger home consultant is you learn so many new things about the company, such as how to promote and sell the product, what is going on with the company, and the best part is you increase your quality of life, and the more you sell, the more your earn.   What I also love about the company is I get to meet new people everytime I schedule a home party, have an open house, or meet a new home consultant.   I do take Longaberger everywhere, such as networking, or out and about.  I am always working, ever when I think I am not.  If you love Longaberger products, why not earn free products, gain new friends, and have fun, while earning extra money.  There are sponsoring incentives as well.  click here for further information and to join.

In the meantime, if you are on Facebook click here to go directly to my page.   The new term is to “like” my page.   Personally, I like the word, “Fan”, but I do not work for facebook, there is nothing for me to say about word, LOL.   I plan on having things like, What would you do with this product?    Oh, one qualification that you love Longaberger products and could be a consultant, is you do have a new idea for say a bread basket or the new Flare Basket.  

God Bless you, and talk to you next time.  I promise I will not take as long this time


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