>It’s Bee time

>It is that time of year again. Columbus, Ohio is going to the Bees. No, not type of bees, the Longaberger Bee has descended on Columbus, Ohio, and I am going to have a good time. This is the time, where consultants learn new ways of selling the product, new products for the Fall /Winter Catalog, and the Bee Boys, oh those wonderful Bee boys. Ok, stop that, Tricia, you are getting beside yourself.

Anyway, that is where I will “bee” (no pun intended) for the next few days (typing this post on Word, before copying it onto Blogger and it is not fun. Telling me that “bee” is supposed to be “Be”.) Anyway, I hope to share pictures from there of all the new products. They also promise to have lots of surprises for the consultants, and hopefully for you too. I will post the Wednesday special at midnight, and since Star Trek: The Next Generation will not be on tonight on WGN, I am doing some last minute things, and then putting myself on curfew alert. Curfew alert means I have one hour after I return each night from the Bee to look at email and other things, and then it is lights out. (Yes, I am a Trekkie at heart. I watch all but the first one)

Well that is it for now. God Bless you.


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