>What’s New with Longaberger…part 1?

>Bee 2010 was this week, and I had a blast learning about all the wonderful products that will grace Longaberger this fall. I am so excited about this. New patterns, new weaves, and the return of old favorites. Longaberger is no longer just a basket company. Longaberger is your “Whole House” company now, where baskets, pottery, and wrought iron are not the only thing going on at Longaberger. First of all, I want to take you on a tour of the “new” Longaberger. Rather this is your first time learning about what Longaberger is, or you have been a fan for years, there is something new for this fall for everyone. Just think of me as your organizing, interior decorating guide. Let’s start.

A couple of decorating tips that I picked up from one of my classes are:

– Pick your paint last, not first. Find that one piece that you like, and work around that piece. It may be a painting that has that perfect shade of red you want in your room. Draw from that color, and add accent pillows, window treatment, etc… In case you wondering what this has to do with Longaberger, they have had wall art since January 2010. I bet you did not know that. There will be new wall art for the fall. From country to contemporary, there is a piece of wall art that you may fall in love with.

– Do not be afraid to shop from your own home. In fact I encourage it. Re-purpose the current item in your room and pull something from another room, and will make that room look different. Once you have done that, look for the few little pieces that will further accent the room.

– When you do paint, only do one wall, not the whole room. When you change the room, or decide to move, you do not have to paint the whole room back to a neutral color. My instructor explained to the class that she paints every holiday season.

These are just a few tips that you may be able to use in your home.

New products for the kitchen. To make your fall and holiday entertaining effortless. I know, summer is still here, and the last thing you want to think about is how many people you want to invite to your annual holiday extravaganza. Well, think about it for a moment. The week after next will be August, the last official month of summer, and September 21st will be the start of fall. In between that time, the kids will be back in school, thank God. You do not know how many times I have to hear my mother tell me that she and my father are having a hard time getting my nephew out of bed. Mike starts high school this year for the first time. Anyway, back to new kitchen products. I start with the kitchen, because parties, especially small intimate parties (less than 20 guests), land in the kitchen at some point, and stay there. You want something to set the mood.

Let’s start with the food. Does anyone remember White Cheddar Potato soup, Tropical Key Lime, White Chocolate Amaretto, and Sweet & Spicy Salsa? If you do not, don’t worry. Longaberger sold these foods a couple years ago, and discontinued the product line. Well they are back, and just in time for all of you fall and holiday entertainment needs. Joining them, are food mixes such as Hearty Beer Bread, and three seasoning blends; Jalapeno & Cilantro, southwestern, and Parmesan Garlic Blend. I have tasted them yesterday, and they taste absolutely delicious. Recipes? Of course, Longaberger has recipe ideas, and they are simple to make. To complete the picture, the dips can be placed in the new low bowls. Sit that in the middle of the new large Low basket, and set chips around the bowl. The bread is cooked in the new loaf pan. Once that is done, cut the bread on woodcraft cutting board, and serve the soups in the Soup and Salad bowls. For dessert, serve the White Chocolate Amaretto dip in the Low Bowl surrounded by cookies on the Contour Tray and basket. Add your favorite holiday entrée and place it either in the 9 x13 pan or in the new Oval casserole bowls, which comes in either small of medium.

Oh, I forgot one other thing: If you bought the chocolate pottery that came in only 9×13 last year, you are in luck. The chocolate pottery now comes in all pieces. So with that in mind, build your set while you can. Tip: chocolate is a plant!

Oh I have so much more to tell you for this coming season, until I have to break it into parts. This is part one. Part two will be coming soon, very soon. Think Holidays again. I will give you a hint….it is a continuation of last year holiday collection. Until then, God Bless you.

This is just in:   You can get made to order Canisters from today to July 31.  Mix and match in any of the colors you see in the Photo.   click here to see all the products in My Shop.


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