>Longaberger Bee 2010 Part 2…Christmas

>This is a short post to talk about the Holidays. I know, summer is not over with, but part of the Bee is to talk about the third and fourth quarters, or to everyone who is not in the business world, the second half of the year.

I am concentrating on the living room/great room and office area, and how to make it cozy your guests and make entertaining a breeze. Before I do that, let’s talk about Longaberger’s theme for the holiday season. If you keep with the holiday themes that Longaberger has, last year it was snowflakes and a cookie exchanges. The year before that, Santa. Well, this year, it is all about snowflakes and snowmen. I will give the official names of the baskets in a later; I do not see it in the new Fall/Winter catalog. Speaking of which, if you want the new catalog, and you do not have a consultant, please let me know. If you have not receive a catalog in a long time from your consultant, please her/him know.

The baskets are round this year, which kind of reminds me of the Drummer Boy baskets or something like that from years ago (about 2002-03). There is also a snowman hat basket for those of you who are into unusual baskets. The colors are red and green, with snowflakes on the lids and the sides. I always like getting sets, because the protector, lid and liner complete the look of basket. They are the “accessories” of the basket. Sort of like having jewelry, a purse, and hosiery to complete the look of a dress or suite. Without them, a basket is just a basket. If you look at lesser quality of baskets in retail stores, they try to add liners now.

The rest of Bee 2010…

One of the events I forgot to mention in the last post was the Horizon of Hope party the day before General session. I only poked around for an hour or so, before heading towards the company store. Consultants put their names in for a drawing or two. All of it goes for a good cause: research at the American Cancer Society, especially for Breast Cancer. The Bee Boys were there. Tami Longaberger’s daughter, Claire Kaido (not sure of the spelling) singing. She is very talented, and will be releasing her first album in the fall. Maybe she will give Taylor Swift a run for her money. Anyway, there was dancing and a flash mob dance. In case you have been hiding under the covers, a flash mob dance is a dance where a person comes out of nowhere and start dancing to a well-choreographed routine, and other start in. What everyone else is not aware of is this was all planned in advance. You can watch them on You Tube (www.youtube.com), just type in the words, Flash Mob dance. It is all the craze in Europe. I practiced the steps, but did not get back in time to do it. Not sure if Longaberger’s flash mod will be on there. I urge you to check out Tami Longaberger’s new book called Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, the Love of Life. You can get it on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and a couple of places on a pre-order. It should be out either August or September.

Decorating …

For your living room, you want a room that can change with the season. In Part 1, I talked about shopping in your own home. If you have pieces of furniture that you want to get rid of, repurpose it first. Maybe you are tired of that chest of drawers in your master bedroom; use it behind your couch instead. If you have a big enough space, pull your couch away from the wall, and far enough so you can get to the drawers to store things that you barely use but have for special occasions like holiday parties. Use the top to hold tchotchkes (or knick-knacks). Perhaps you have a favorite collection. Place them on the top, and every once and a once and a while change up and pull out different pieces of your collection. Use the top of the dresser at holiday time to put your food items on it, in case your living/great room is not within walking distance of the kitchen. One of the things I like about wood, is you can paint it in your color scheme, or place a different stain on it. Be careful though, because some woods show off the color better than others. So test it first to see if you like the stain or paint on it, before you make a total commitment to painting or staining all over. I would paint or stain in an area of the piece where you cannot see it and live it for a few days. I would also do the same with your walls. My tip: go to the paint store, get those little switches. Go home and place removable tape under the swatch. Again, live with it for a few days, if you like it, go back to the store and buy the paint. It is better than getting stuck with 5 gallons of periwinkle, and cannot get rid of it.

Once that is established, get your accessories. Do not go overboard with it. Again, go shopping in your home and repurpose, but also get some new pieces. I have the Flair basket and Bowl (the small one), I will be getting more of that basket. I may stick to the warm brown, rich brown and black stains, or I may change it up a little for fall. I really do not know yet, I am still in summer mode.

Small Flair Basket and Bowl Set

Your office, if you have one at home (not the ones at work), should be a place to work, as well as your sanctuary to get away from everything else. No kids, spouses (unless you are sharing an office space), and all of their minions should be there. Make it comfortable, but not too comfortable that you would want to sleep in there (unless that is what you like). This is the place where ideas happen, rather this your office away from your office, or where you work your home business, make it you. You should never have to take your “work” to your bedroom. At the end of the day, you should be able to just shut the door, and leave to do things with your family, just like your work office, if you have one. I will not go into details on office organization until another post, but I do want to let you know that Longaberger products work well in the office, from the flair baskets I just talked about to the recharging station, where you store all your small electronic stuff like your cell phones, IPods, and MP3/MP4 players in one area. Longaberger makes your office look good.

Well that is it for this time. I hope you enjoyed learning about decorating for the holidays, decorating in general, and events at Bee 2010. To order any of these items I mentioned, please visit my shop at http://www.longaberger.con/patricialogan. Just a reminder, you have a few hours left to order the canister sets. Visit my shop for details. Have a good week and God Bless you all.



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