>Looking for extra money

>From July 2-September 30, 2010, if you sign-up to be part of my team, you can get the new $459 Business Builder Kit valued over $1,000 and packed full of products and literature you need for business success for only $259!

Longaberger is the perfect way to get started in a business. You can work around your family’s schedule, and having fun while earning extra cash. Having the free website and product are wonderful too. Work your business the way you want to. The best part, no quarterly minimums to deal with. When you join with this special offer, and you submit $1,000 or more in sales by your first Success Start Date, you will not owe anything more on your kit. Plus, with the $1,000 or more in sales, you will make $250 or more in commission, which is a wonderful way to save for a vacation or to pay off a bill. If you have not seen Longaberger in a while or just getting to know the company, you are in for a treat to the products you will be selling. From baskets to pottery, candles to food and in between, Longaberger has a product for you.

Longaberger even has a wonderful fundraising program for your child’s school or community to earn money. The best part is you get the sales credit while they earn and keep 40% of the profits earned,

I love Referrals!!!

Please contact me at plogan@columbus.rr.com  or visit my shop at www.longaberger.com/patricialogan , and we will talk


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