>Featured Artist: Anja’s scrapbookblog: Tutorial storage folder

>Starting today, if I find something that another person has made on they blog that I find very interesting, I will post it. The first one comes from a person in the Netherlands named Anja, and she is on a yahoo group with me called Cricut Chatters. One tip: If searching the internet has gotten you confused, try joining a group on Yahoo. Yahoo Groups has a variety of subjects from how to train your puppy to the redicuious. If you join the right group, especially for hobbies like scrapbooking, you can gain a world of information. As always, be careful, and if you do not like the group, or the group is not up to your expectations, there is always an out.

Anja, like so many others that will be featured, has projects that are simple, and beautiful. This is her first post in English, so I thank her for deciding to post in English, because I usually have to translate it, which is simple to do. If any of your toolbars has a translation button on it, it will usually ask what language to translate it to. All you have to do is confirm that you want it translated to that language, and you are set. Well this is Anja’s project I like so well. I hope you will enjoy this project and decide to make it.
Anja’s scrapbookblog: Tutorial storage folder: “Storage folder I have already collected many dies. The small ones are sorted in the bos, but the big ones did not fit!! I’ve made a fo…”


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