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>Moving blog at the end of the week

>It has been a pleasure to have this particular blog on Blogger.   I read some shocking news.   It was an article that dated back sometime in the middle of 2010, and the person stated that If you like blogging, you probably better move your blog to a platform like WordPress.   Why?  Because Goggle has spam bots looking for blogs that are a threat to spam people.   Now, I trust myself, but I do not trust Google.  They already have me questioning my adsense and adword accounts.  These “bots” look for words like “free”, and “sale”.   According to them, it is ok to have these words every once in a while, but if your blog has a lot of these two words in them, then Google has the right to lock up or even delete your blog without giving you a warning.

Now I am not against Google at all.  They are just a mini Microsoft or Apple, that’s all.   The point is you either work with them, work around them, or work against them.  For Tricia’s Baskets, which is an extension of me being an Indep. Longaberger Home Consultant, I have choose to work against them, and I AM shutting the blog down, before they can send their minions to shut it down.

With that being said, I have already setup a back up blog, in case what happened a few weeks ago with the whole site being down for a few days.   Does that mean I trust WordPress more?  Not really, they can change in the heartbeat too, but they are also not Google.   My other blog, MDN Creates, will not change at this time.   I mostly show my scrapbooking work, and not in threat of being shut down.  But, I am keeping an eye on it as well.   I am shutting it down at the end of the week, because I have my Facebook page attached to it, and I need to change the address to reflect that.   I need to notify Networkedblogs, you say too, google, and Blogupp!!  I have five fans on this blog, so I need to notify them too.   I hope with this move, I will get more.
Well I will let everyone know later on in the week.  The best thing about this move is I actually get to have some pages on the blog.   I get to do more things, and will be able to turn this into a website, even though I will still have my company website,   That site stays with me until I leave the company, and at this point, I do not feel like leaving.   I am having too much fun on this part of my journey through life.


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