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New hobby in scrapbooking, an envelope tag swap

Hello, and how are you? I just want to wish everyone a happy June. 20 days before the official swelter season called summer, and frankly, I would rather sit myself in front of the AC than shiver in front of the heater. My ceiling fan is still on from a few days ago, as is gets hot up there. I know, it is not very green. I am working on it.

Anyway, I am in a new swap, hosted by Tracystreasures24, and I had a blast creating these envelope tags. I made five, and it looks like this:

For this project, you will need: One business envelope with a window, scrapbook paper to cover the front, and possibly the back, if you want to. You will also need stamps, ink, and die cuts. I used my Cricut E2 machine for the die cuts. The carts I used were Pagoda, and Cricut eccentials. You will also need a border punch for the edge or a pair of decorative scissors.

The Envelope:

For the envelope, I used the envelope from my bank statement. To prepare the envelope, I made a slit in the envelope on the one of the short ends of the envelope. If you have not open your bills lately (shame on you), but tap the bill to the other side of the envelope, cut the slit and remove contents. Place the contents to a place, so you will not forget to pay them. If you have another envelope, which looks like the first one, you can use it as your template. For the actual envelope, do not remove the vellum. I used the paper, Foo La La (forgot the name of the company), and I traced on the back side of the paper to get the except area the window was at, and cut it out. Next, take your border punch, or decorative scissors, and edge up the short end. Fold to make a border and adhere all but 1 1/2″-2″ of the paper to the envelope to cover it. At this point, you may want to cover the back (I did not for this project). For the inside of the envelope, make a liner, and you only have to adhere the top of the pocket. Before I adhere it, I took a stamp made by Inkedinka Do, and stamped the top. I also stamped the flap of the pocket, because the paper was not double-sided. You can skip stamping the liner and the flap if you have doubled-sided paper. You may also ink the sides of the envelope/pocket if you to hide anything. set that aside.

The Tag:

for the tag, I used K and Co’s Smitten Foil Hearts paper, card stock from The paper Company and CTMH’s kraft paper. That is the front of the tag. I will get to back in a minute. I cut the tag to size,and I cut with the E2 a label from the pre-installed cartridge, Cricut Essentials. I started to just use it as a label, but the more I looked at it, especially after I inked up the edges, it started to look mor like a vase. I drew on some sticks with a sharpie, and it looked too plain. then I had the idea of adding flowers. so I cut some red flowers from the Pagoda cartridge, at 11/2″, and adhere them tothe tag. Some of the flowers, I popped up with dimenisionals to give that 3-d look. time for the other side. (or side B for those of you who remember records.)

Tag (The Backside)

For the back side of the tag, I enlisted the help from som Stampin Up! products. All the inking for tag and the envelope, I did it in Chocolate Chip, as well as all of the stamping. I added the photo mat, which was cut from the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge at the last minute, because I thought the back needed something. So I cut out the photo mat in CTMH kraft paper (the same kind I used for te liner), inked the edges, and adhere it to the tag. Next I took clear stamps from Bliss, which was part of the this year’s Sale-a-bration event last month. I stamped the word “bliss” on top, and stamped a Fleur-de-le (I guess that is how you spell it) at the bottom. That’s it.

Take a look at the rest of the photos to get an idea on how this is done. Remember these are just ideas, but you make your envelope tag how you want it to look. I want to give you some more tips:
* This can be a use what you have tag. You do not have to go out to buy all new things for this tag.
* If you have a lot of the same paper, you can make a lot of tags. You can make them with your die cutting machine. I free-handed these, but I usually buy the tags already made, or if you die cutting machine has a tag die, you can

make them from the machine. It does not have to be a Cricut machine.
*Do not make the tags too thick (put too much on them.) You may not be able to pull them in and out with ease.
* if you do not feel too creative, or not creative enough, Jolees has products which you can put on the front (or back) of the tag.
* One more thing…Have fun with it. I always tell folks that scrapbooking is fun, and relaxing. Do not stress yourself to the point of frustation. If you are frustrated, or being pulled away too many times, put it away until tomorrow, or the next time you can get back to the tag. This project does not have to be made with #10 with a window. I can be made small, medium, with or without a window.

Well that is all I have for you today. Here is a last look at all 5 of them:

In the Name of Jesus, I bid you a good night, and God Bless You.


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>Just wanted to let you all know that I sold my orginal holiday tags tonight.   I am very happy.   They are going to their new owner tomorrow.   YAY!!

Good night, and God Bless you.

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>My first order.

>Well, have been blogging three days straight.  That is a new worlds record, considering that I have 3 blogs and a blog that acts as a website. (one day I will have some nice 14 year old to really set up my website, or hire someone.

Well, I have my first order.   The person wanted a simple tag, made out of blue/silver metal.  Now I have never made anything out of metal sheets before.  But I get it, and it has been a challenge for me.   first of all, it is rolled up, so I have to unroll it, and place it on the Cricut mat.   I am using the 12×24 mat, and made the decision to switch to the 12×12 mat.   The reason is the sheets are much easier to handle.   Did I mention that the client wanted 450 tags?   OK the problems:   Thank God for metal sheets that are forgiving, because these things bend on a dime.   I am working with super sticky mats.   the printer would not except the tags as is to print on, so I am cutting a second set of white tags, printing on one side, and adhere to the back of the tags.   I am alternating between the blue side and the silver side.  and they look like this:

I love the results and so the client when I showed him the images.

Well that is it.  Short and sweet.   Next time, I hope to show you some holiday stuff.   Until next time, God Bless you.


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>Etsy part 3

>Lately, I have been posting about Cricuts, telling you about my newest family member, and just Tricia. One of the things I have said when starting this blog is to have the creations I make on display. Well I have not been doing that. I explained that in past blog posts. To be honest, I had a creative slump. So without further ado, my latest stuff.


My first tag is very simple, but the paper is very complicated. The first thing I did was doubled the paper. The first paper is from The Paper Company, and it is called, “Gold Foil Leaf on Ivory”. The second piece of paper is just a plain sheet of ivory. I created an adhesive “sandwich” with my Tombow adhesive runner, and matched the corners and sides. I cut out the cards with Tags, Bags, Boxes and more. Since there was two sheet of paper, the settings I used on my expression were 6 on the blade housing setting. For beginners, you get this setting this way: where the housing for the blade is (just above where the mat would feed in), the blade housing has 6 settings, and each setting determines how far the blade goes in the paper in order to cut it. A 1 setting is perfect for vellum, because the thinnest and delicate nature of the paper. A 6 setting is for thick paper. By me adhering the two together, made the whole thing very think. To make a clean cut, I hit the multicut button. Multicut cuts 2, or 3 times, depending on the settings that the operator sets in the settings area (more on that in another post.). The tag is on page 90 in the handbook. I choose Blackout (hit shift to get the one with the one with the hole in it). The size is 4”.

Oh, one thing I forgot to point out, the settings above is for the Expression, Create, and Cake machines. If you have the Original or the new Imagine machines, follow the instructions for the Imagine machine, and the original machine does not have the buttons I am speaking about. The instructions also are for the machine only, and does not cover anyone who has Sure Cuts a Lot, Make The Cut, Design Studio or the Gypsy to help them cut with their cricut machine.

Once the tags were cut, I used a sepia tone color to age the tags, and I noticed that when I touched the tags, they felt as though they were worn, and have been made for years, which is what you want, if you want to achieve the look of an distressed, aged tag.

Just a note:

I have also made note cards. The first one was cut using the DreamKutz machine. You can get the same cut using a paper trimmer. Cut a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper horizontally and fold in half. I rounded the corners with a corner punch, and then cut a piece of Heidi Grace paper to match the front of the card, only 1” smaller. I did not purposely put an image or ribbon on the card to let the beauty of the paper. I printed off “Just a note”, and rounded the bottom right and the top left corners. I took forest green ink and put it around the edges.

The second “Just a note” cards are a little bit simpler. Again with the DreamKutz machine, I cut 12 x12 paper and cut it six pieces, each equally, folded them in half to form 3×3 cards. This is the Bazzill Bling paper, and cut a double-sided sheet of paper to size to match the front. The words, “Just a Note”, is printed on a piece of burgundy paper. Envelopes will be with both sets of cards.

Well that is it for now. I hope you have a wonderful week. God bless you.



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