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You have arrived here, because something happened on Blogger. I have created the backup blog because of a snafu on Currently, the original blog is down, along with another blog of mine, Tricia’s Baskets. Google has no idea what happened, and they are working around the clock to find out.

So, you may be wondering, “What is MDN Creates, and why do I need them?” MDN Creates is greeting card, stationary, scrapbooking, and journaling service. For instance, say you need 50 birthday invites for soon to be 50 year old’s party. Sure, you can always make and print them out yourself, but why bother when you have food preparations, guest lists, hunting down a location if you want to go out, clean if you are having the party coming to your house. I can help with the invites and call the places you need to hold the party at. What about a scrapbook for a loved one. Again, you can do it yourself, or you can hire me to help you. I will do as much or as little work as you need me to do. I am a jack of all trades in the office arena. I can even help if you need document typing, spreadsheets, organizing your photos, starting your file system, or writing articles for you. Scrapbooking and card
making is my main focus.

By the way, my name is Patricia Logan, but you can call me Tricia,
and what makes me qualified to do this service is over 10 years of working on
scrapbooks, making cards, working on file systems, typing documents and over 15
years of working in offices, customer call centers, and retail. The work is not
hard, but some people do not like the task of doing these things. I have my
Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, and my certificate in administrative
assistant, so I can do some speedwriting (which is a form of shorthand),
knowledge of office etiquette, as well as telephone etiquette.   I am learning how the social media can be a very viable marketing for businesses, but I am also rooted in “old school” marketing.  Together the two can be very powerful which can make or break your business.  I am also an independent Longaberger Home
Consultant, and will be celebrating 10 years in that business on October 8,
2011.   I do have a blog on that business (Tricia’s Basket), and a duplicate blog is being create here on WordPress as well.

When I am not doing business, I am a daughter, support sister and aunt.  I am a devoted family person, who wishes to adopt in the near future.  I am also a devoted Christian, who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   I love to read, cook, traveling (especially to Disney and family reunions); I have yet to take a cruise.  I have owned at the Disney Vacation Club, and will be returning to that club before the next family trip, slated for December 2011.  My hope is that my brother, sister
and their families will join me.  If not then it is just me and my parents.   I am
a daughter of a retired Air Force Master Sargent, and a devote Christian woman.  They will be celebrating 50 years of marriage in July 2011.   I still do
personal scrapbooking and card making.   I would love to date, and I often do things with my friends, and I am an active member of Clair United Methodist Church, where I sing in the choir, work with the youth, and help with administrative duties.  I am also a dancer in jazz, tap, ballet, and interpretive
dance; musician of piano, organ, and general keyboard (synthesizer).  I know some people do not think I rest enough, but this lifestyle suits me fine, and I could not have these blessings any other way.   I have a passion for all of these things, and love learning new things.  I also have an eye for organizing.

I have a saying that I created which goes, “I have a blessing in the mist of my chaos.”  It means, that despite my chaotic life, and sometimes acting like I deserve more; God did not have to give me all of these talents, and for that I do not deserve it, but He blesses me anyway, because I am His child.  For that I am truly grateful.

What to expect out of this blog:

Pictures of my work articles about scrapbooking, review of products worth reviewing, and maybe just a little bit of general talk related to life in general (but not too much), and photos.  I promise I will not embarrass my family (did I mention I am aunt to a 15, 4, 2 year old, and 9 months old?)  in other words good clean family fun.


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>It’s Here!!!!!

>As promised, E2 (Cricut Expression 2) has arrived. The stalking of the tracking number on is over. OK, for those of you who are expecting one from, I want to give you a few pointers:

1)      Do not tackle the UPS person.  They have a job to do, and they have done their job well (that is delivering your new toy (or baby if you have no children) in one piece.  

2)      It is a heavy box.  Muscles is key.

3)      The company really taped the box, the secondary box and the machine.   Do not panic, this is a safety measure.

4)      You get with your machine the following:

a.       One mat

b.      Power cord

c.       Manual

d.      Certificate of authenticity.  Great for scrapbooking.

e.       UBS cord

f.       Four books for the 4 carts already installed

g.      Blade housing.  Note: Be very careful when you open the plastic for the blade housing.  Me and E2 had out first fight.  When I got my expression and baby bug, the blade was separate from the housing.  With the E2, the blade is already in the housing.  Not thinking, I stabbed my finger, and drew blood.   My finger is fine, but do be careful.

h.      Stylus.   Note:  the stylus is located in the cover.   Got the tip from Robyn the Pink Stamper.

5)      Once you plug up E2, turn it on, and it will guide you to the calibration screen.   Take your stylus, and tap your screen on the “x’s” that appear.

6)      Register your machine, by going to   I have not seen the cartridges to register as of yet, so I assume that once you register the machine, they are registered as well.

7)      Have fun

Well, I am going to play now, so I will show you what I made when I get finished.   God Bless.

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I hope everyone had a happy mother’s day.  I fixed my mother dinner, and celebrated my sister and future sister in law just the same.  I am now sitting on pins and needles right now.    Any moment now, a big box will be delivered to me by the UPS person (started to say man, but I have seen what some of us can lift, especially when we are getting a new toy, LOL.)  In the box will be the newest member to my little cricut family, E2.   E2 is short for the Cricut Expressions 2, 5th anniversary edition.    The funny thing about the whole thing is 1)  I am stalking my UPS tracking number.  2)   I keep opening the door.   3)  I am jumpy ( do not know why, the person is going to ring my doorbell, I guess, they like to knock a lot around here.)  5) I was not going to get it, after all, I want the Cricut Imagine so bad, and still will get it.   6)  OK, so my original one is 6 years old, and my E1 is 3, no big whoop there, LOL.   7)   4 installed cartridges is not a bad deal.    8)  Did I say that I was stalking the UPS tracking number?

In the meantime, I am about to say goodbye to oldest member of my cricut family.   Yep, I am selling my baby bug (original).   It is bittersweet, because I need to make room (living in a small townhome is not fun), and I still love it, but at the same time, it is for the best.   If no one buys it, I will still keep it, because it is in a cover with a handle.   I will jut have to finagle space.   I have the listing currently on ebay, then if that does not work, then it is on to Craig’s list.

I am pushing to do some projects with the E2 (that is why I am stalking the tracking number, LOL)  Robyn the Pink Stamper has a give-away that ends at 10pm CST (11pm my time) They are challenges, and I want to put E2 through its paces.   The prize is an Imagine.  Oh that would look good, LOL.    I hope to enter, but if it is too late, and it has not gotten here (they promised by the end of the day), I may need to rethink my projects, and do all cutting with E1.   Oh, did I tell you that this E2 is upgradable by Wifi?   This means that I need a router (I have one, but it came with the Dell Dimension, which is now deceased), so I want a new one to go with this almost 3 year old computer. (got it 3 weeks before my neice Nine’na was born.)  does that mean that every once in a while I can get a new cartridge in an update?   Probably or probably not.  Wo knows.    I will post when I have it all figured out.   God Bless.

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>Expression 2: Did you get it?

>My world has been upside down lately. I will not explain as of yet, but I have some purchasing news to share. I am getting a Cricut Expression 2 Electronic cutter. In case I said something foreign to you. Two or three months ago, I had a post explaining the different electric cutters ProvoCraft makes. They are
• The Cricut Personal Cutter (original)
• The Cricut Expression Electronic Cutter
• The Cricut Create
• The Cricut Cake machine
• The Cricut Imagine Cutter Machine
Since that time, ProvoCraft has introduced two more (actually 3 more machines) under the Cricut name and they are:
The Cricut Cake Mini-smaller version of the Cricut Cake machine, much like they did with the Create, making it a miniature version of the Expression, only allowing a person to cut 6×12 sheets of paper (or in this case, fondant)
The Cricut Expression 2 Electronic Cutting Machine-updated version of the Expressions cutter with some added features (more in a minute)
The Martha Stewart version of the Cricut Cake Machine. We all know that MS has to put her stamp on almost everything, so she got together with ProvoCraft, and basically told them that she approves it, she loves it, put her name on it, and in return she will create an exclusive cartridge for them.
Since QVC has basically broken almost all ties to the crafting world, HSN (The Home Shopping Network) has taken off when QVC stopped showing their famous craft shows, and has gotten into bed with ProvoCraft. The marriage seems to be working, because two months ago, PC announced to Scrapbooking update that they are coming up to their 5th anniversary with their Cricut product, and they wanted HSN to have exclusive rights to the new product (at the time, it was not announced as to what the product was). At that time, the Imagine was introduced, so it was not another version of that machine, so the Expressions 2 machine was born.
The machine is a cross between the Expression machine and the imagine, without the printing part added. It has all the features of the expressions cutting machine (such as center point, quantity, flip, etc..), but it has features of the Imagine as well (touch screen), but it also has other features to, such as a LED light where the cutting blade is, a little grove to hold the paper in place, you can use both regular and imagine cartridges in the machine (you just cannot print the images), two ports. Comes with a longer cord, and a USB cord. The machine is equipped to be used with WIFI (time for me to find a new router) for easy updating.
The only thing I am upset about it mine is on back order. Most people will receive theirs on or about May 6th (some are actually getting their this week, due to something HSN calls expedit shipping). I am getting mine on the 16th. I can wait, because I actually need to make some room for it.
In return for getting this rare piece of machinery (it was only available to HSN for that day only), I am selling my baby bug (the original) on Ebay. I have already written out the description and have it as a MS Word Document. I have to do it take a picture of it, and upload the photos on Ebay. I do not want to, but to honest, I have not used it since July 2010, when I had a class I was teaching at my church. I was going the basics of scrapbooking, and showed so extras.
I will be doing my actually comparison of the two expressions in a later post, after I do some playing around. Oh, I forgot the best part. The bonus is there are 4 build in carts in the machine. I guess the idea behind it is soon you will not need carts for it. Two of the cartridges are exclusive to HSN, and the other two will be available for the public. I should have written this post the day of the premiere, but I was out of town, and had to use my cell phone to call the order in. The only Cartridges I remember is Just a note, and American ABC’s or something like that.
Well that is it. You all be good, and I will talk to you later. Happy Crafting and God Bless You. For those of you cleaning up after the tornado in the southern states, I am praying for you all.

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>Blop Hop


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>A passion to be hold

>Today is a good day.  A heck of a one, but a good day.   I do not want to bore you with personal problems, I recently got into trouble for that.  so I am keeping my distance from that topic.   I do want to share some good news:  I sold three note cards sets a couple days ago (actually last night, I forgot that I am no longer a self-proclaim night owl no more)  What is it about sharing personal problems that makes people run the other way, especially if you are not hitting them up with any type of financial request?  I will let you pounder that thought.

I have two cards on sale at ArtFire. The first one is called I Love You, and it is a set of 3 cards.  The materials I used was blank card, colored chipboard, ink (just for distressing) and pattered paper.   On two of the cards I used Bazzill ribbon.   My explanation of of my cards is from last year’s you tube video.

My next card is a flower Thank you card.   I used the Cricut on this one, and the cut is from the Storybook Cartridge.  In case you have it, the cut is on page 46, and I cut two flowers, stacking one on top of the other to give that 3-D effect.   Then I took patterned paper, and cut a strip of it.  For the lettering, I used the Dymo label maker and placed on the black strip of cardstock.   I hope you enjoy it.

Well that is it for today.   Please enjoy the rest of your evening, and God bless you.

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>New cards, three different looks.

>OK, I have finally made some new cards.  They are not for sell, However, If you want me to make you some, just ask, and I will.  All of the cards a similar background (kraft cardstock cut the long way (4 1/4″ w x 5 1/2″ L), Hot Pink matted, with a sheer ribbon ( Bazzil Basics ribbon Cream Sheer Dot-5/8″).  The only difference is how I approached the three cards.   One was made for a beginner,  With a image printed from a printer, and with die-cuts.

This card is for those of you who want to make a quick card, but do not have the time to make anything from the tools you have, like the Cricut, Cuttlebug, or Silhouette cutting machine.   These embellishments come from Soft Spoken, a Me and My big ideas collection.   I also like to call it, “Use what you have in your stash” collection.   I have so much stuff that I bought and saved from when I worked at Archiver’s until I forgot about it.   All I did for this card was added ribbon to the card, the embellishments already had adhesive on the back (using pop dots).   Yes I could have made the embellishments.  If you want to make this kind of yourself, all you need is a thin peice of fabric to cover the flower, a pressed flower, and a sewing machine.   Place the fabric (which is a gauze type fabric) on top of the flower.  Oh I forgot about the backing, which is a simple peice of cardstock.   stich around the edge.   This is a beginner’s card.

The next card, is a typical digi-stamp card.  using the same concept of a simple card.  Again, I put the ribbon on the side.  This time, I placed a piece of vellum to soften the ribbon.  I did foux stitching on the side with a white watercolor pencil.   I matted the image and saying with the same color cardstock as the blank card which is Kraft cardstock.   I colored the image with Copic makers.   the colors I used were:  E-25 (Caribe Cocoa) and E-29 (Burnt Umber) for the basket.  For the colored eggs, I used G-82 ( Spring dim Green), B-93 (Light Crockery Blue), R-83 (Rose Mist), and YR-18 (Sanguine).  For the grass I used G-17 (Forest Green).  I could have used more colors to make shading better, but I did not print on the right paper.   As noted, shading is the key to coloring with Copic markers.   I printed out “Happy Easter” on my printer.  OK, I forgot one more thing, My flower.   I took a flower by Reflections, a Michael’s Arts and Crafts brand, and blinged it up with Glimmer Mist.  The color is Moonlight.  I actually had two flowers, and the second flower was supposed to be for the third card, but it met its maker by way of a Longaberger mug.   I sat something on top of the mug temporary with the flower on top, and the flower fell in on top of my tea (eww!), so I had to throw out both the flower and the tea.  (Now you did not think I was going to drink the tea after that incident, eww, gross).  That was how the first card I showed you was born.  I needed to do some quick thinking, LOL.  so what did we learn, class?  Never scrapbook with tea around.  come on, people, we have all done it, and will probably do it again, LOL.

The last card shows what you can do with die cuts.   Now you have seen my die cuts.  I make them mostly with the Cricut cutting system.   I wanted to show you that there are other ways to get a die cut from other systems.   The butterflies, I wish I can claim them, but I cannot.  These are by Jenni Bowlin.   I like their style, because they are one of the few companies that have scrapbooking products look like office supplies.   I place them on the ribbon.   I like movement in my cards, so I took a copic marker ( this time-RV-25 (Dog rose Flower) ), and drew where the butterflies have flown from.   Next, I have some tulips cut from an older Sizzix machine (big heavy red one, can’t miss it).  I was in a swap when I had it (sold it on Ebay as part of my, “need a Cricut, Want a cricut campaign”).   Anyway, I glue down the white one, and pop dotted the pink one just slightly off the white tulip for a 3-d effect.   Added birds flying off in a distance, and wrote the word, Spring at the bottom.

As I said, I wanted to show you, especially beginners that you can take one card, and make it some many ways with one type style.   Until then, make it a great rest of your day, and God bless you.


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